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Moving Forward

Welcome to FORWARD. You might be asking yourself, what is this? The answer is something new, something old, something familiar, something bold. FORWARD is my new venture and is simply your destination for creative services, consultation, or expert help. It's old and familiar because it represents over thirty years of proven experience, award-winning creative design, and innovative, breakthrough brand development - which should be familiar to anyone that has worked with me in the past. And bold? As this is day one of this new journey, maybe we should leave this one for the future?

Signing my illustration posters at the Harpa in Reykjavik, Iceland
Signing my illustration posters at the Harpa in Reykjavik, Iceland

This site will be growing and developing over time, and this blog will be growing along with it, so I hope you will stop by regularly to check out the progress. In the meantime, if you need help with a new project, a corporate video, a product launch, a re-branding effort, content creation, an illustration, a logo design, or any of a thousand other combinations - I welcome you to give me a call or drop me an email and let's talk about it together.

I invite you to move FORWARD with me. It should be an interesting journey.

Keep the courage.

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Lori Cullen
Lori Cullen
Oct 01, 2019

Hi Bryan. Your work looks great. I love the Webbula email threat cards!

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